Focus Your Creativity to Produce Better BrandScripts In Less Time

StorySheet helps you organize your thoughts as you go through the StoryBrand process, allowing you to 

StorySheet is a tool that structures your notes, fosters greater creativity, and streamlines your presentation process.

The Dark Side of Being a Guide

Administrative Burden

There is too much administrative work to easily capture, organize, craft, and present a quality BrandScript

Self Doubt

You struggle trying to merge the joy of creativity with the amount of information you have to manage to support your success.


It should not be so difficult to produce a quality BrandScript that you're proud of and delivers measurable results for your clients..

Compassionate Wizardry
from a Fellow Guide and Coach

As a 5th year guide, I understand both the joy and drudgery of our work.  I created a formal process to channel my creativity and satisfy my clients every time.  I want to share that tool with my fellow guide community.

StoryBrand Guide

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StorySheet is free for all guides for the first month to explore and learn.

Each license comes with a free BrandScript review to ensure that you're getting the most out of the tool and producing quality results for your client.


Your work is organized into a WireFrame at the click of a button to save you time and put money in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Use A Spreadsheet for Copywriting?

Spreadsheets give us specific places for all the copy elements we work with. We use sheets for the cubby holes, not math and formula. Behind the scenes, your words and ideas show up where and when you need them rather than being scattered across multiple documents.

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What If I'm A Premium Copywriter?  I'm Not Interested In Formulaic Results.

You could give me the same paint and brushes that Michael Angelo used, but I'll never paint the Sistine chapel. StorySheet is a tool, and the more skilled you are as a professional copywriter, the better you'll be able to use it. There's no substitute for the skill you've acquired, but a good tool multiplies the quality of your work. If you can produce the same result in a fraction of the time, then StorySheet puts more profit in your pocket. If you can produce better work, then StorySheet is an aid to building your professional image and reputation.


What If My Clients Go Off Script?  I Need A Flexible Process.

Yup. Mine too. As a Guide, our skill leads the client in the right direction. But sometimes they say something amazing that we're still determining where it belongs. Write it down anywhere in the sheet! You're not limited to writing in the shaded cubby holes; those are just the ones with automation. I'll often write extraneous notes on the side, and I come back and get them later. That's completely fine.

At the same time, this is not "my" process - it's the StoryBrand process. It's the one SB uses on every single LiveStream and the one we went through as guides. If you follow the StoryBrand process, this tool will be second-nature in no time. Rather than making you into a robot, it's a powerful tool to make you a better craftsperson.

What If My Clients Want Revisions?  Lots of them!

Revisions are where StorySheet shines. You retain all your ideas where they are relevant to the components of a BrandScript. That means changing from one idea (or phasing) to another is pushing a button, and the new text propagates throughout the BrandScript automatically. When making changes is fast and easy, you transform a picky client into a customer you can delight.

Does This Create Cookie-Cutter BrandScripts?

StorySheet does NOT turn your BrandScripts into cookie-cutter output. Most cookies are baked, flat, and round, but the ingredients and preparation make them different. The love you put into decorating them makes them uniquely yours.  

StorySheet is more like shifting from mixing by hand to using a blender.  You fully own and control the copy that you work with.
It's not going to turn your BrandScripts into Oreos.

A quality BrandScript has a particular structure and methodology we are certified to work with as guides. StoryScript follows that structure. After looking at hundreds of BrandScripted web pages, the variety is staggering. StorySheet won't change that.

What If My Clients Are Not Clear About Their Own Service Yet?

We all get fuzzy clients now and then. It's your skill as a guide to interview, understand, probe, and draw out the information that you need. It's part of what makes you valuable as a guide. Regardless of the process you use, the questions you ask, or how you get the information you need, you will still develop the elements of a BrandScript. StorySheet gives you the place and structure to organize your interview, clarify the client's thoughts, and formulate them into coherent messages.

Best of all, when a client jumps all over the place, and you're trying to keep up, the cross-checks in StorySheet will automatically alert you if you are missing the crisp articulations you need for one of the elements.

I Don't Do Live Copywriting. I Craft With Deeper Reflection After The Call.

StorySheet is an aid to however you do your process.  It's not a mandate that you work in a given way.

Some guides use StorySheet during the interview process and write copy live with the client on the call. Others need time and reflection to produce the quality that they stand behind. There are some quick and easy fixes that StorySheet facilitates, and other areas, like the narrative, where you get to work your magic offline.

Think back to what we did during our live training, or what happens in every LiveStream.  We only need to articulate each element of the BrandScript enough to be confident that we understand what is essential and valuable, and then we can move on.  Later, on our own time, we can refine everything to our preferred level of polish.

StorySheet lets you thrive by providing a systematic way of selecting and promoting the best versions of each element of your BrandScript. This is when we "ship" a particular element forward, just as we did during our live training, or what happens in every LiveStream.  The difference is that revising our copy to ship better versions is literally the click of a button.  It's still your copy, but without the administrative overhead.

How Is This Going to Help Me In An Agency With White Label Copywriters?

StorySheet structures your BrandScript notes, not just the copy you chose to ship. That makes it easy to review your copywriter's thought process, not just their final copy. It means you can support your staff in their development process, as well as their final output.

Plus, when the structure of your BrandScripts is more consistent, the review process is easier and more productive for everybody involved.

How Would I Use This When Coaching A LiveStream Event?

I've coached at least three LiveStream sessions so far. I set up each of my student's workbooks ahead of time with licensing and then give edit rights to files in a shared folder. Because they use sheets owned by my Google account, they don't have to copy their sheet or deal with activating the plugin, and it just works.

After the introductions in the LiveStream, it takes 30 seconds to explain to students, "Put your brainstorming in the blue boxes" and "Push the Ship It button when you are happy with your selected choice."

When students use a standard structure, I can review more BrandScript elements with less work. I get to see their thought process, not just their shipped text. That means I provide better feedback, service, and value to each student.

A separate module for the LiveStream coach makes it a breeze to view the progress of up to 12 students simultaneously. (Details upon request.)

How Do I Use a Custom Interview Script With StorySheets?

As you become a better Guide, you will develop your style and interview script. You may have more than one, based on your client's industry. There is a template for entering your personalized questions so that they show where you need them inside StoryScript.

Additionally, during a LiveStream, I had one student who needed more guidance on what to write. I turned on the extra prompts for her, and she was good to go.


Can My Copy Feed Into A Design Tool?

There are multiple ways of getting your data out of StorySheet and into whatever tool you choose.

  • There is a SLIDES tab that organizes the data for search/replace in Google slides.
  • There is a Variables tab that lists all of the variables from the sheet, and is used by Figma

The videos below show how to use StorySheet with a Figma template, and a Google Slides document.

Working with Figma

Working with Google Slides

How does StorySheet work with OpenAI?

Yes, StorySheet can work with OpenAI, but it's only as good as the data that it's trained on.  But what if you could have it write the first-drafts of your nurture emails, based on the copy that you already wrote for your client?

What we’re doing is using OpenAI in a way that sets it up to succeed with your help

  1. We feed YOUR work and YOUR copy for YOUR client to OpenAI.
  2. We ask OpenAI to perform a limited task with known constraints.
  3. You get more done, in less time, which lets you be more creative with your clients to serve them better.

Using StorySheet to Generate Social Media Posts

StorySheet has the ability to take your work from the BrandScript, and optionally from a "Before and After" grid, and randomize elements for social media. 

Generating the prompt will pick the elements, that you can then send to AI for creating the posts.  Tweak them to your liking, then save your work.  You can also have StorySheet create posts in bulk.

The Social components of StorySheet are also available for free as a stand-alone product.  You'll just have to fill in the blanks for the story elements manually, rather than having StorySheet generate those with you interactively.

Serve more clients


Collaborate with the client, their team, or a fellow guide in real-time. It’s perfect for workshops or online training.


Saves time by structuring your notes and promoting text without copy and paste


Generates a sample wire-frame, pre-populated with the work from your BrandScript 

Matt Davis

StoryBrand Guide

My head is clearer during calls because I can ask questions in front of me one tab at a time. After the calls, I can fine tune the copy, select which phrases I want to use, and I’m done. It will not only help you be more productive, but it will clarify the entire process in your head as well.

AND BONUS: Ashley is a super smart guide and has been incredibly helpful for me personally in the process with my clients. I’m not making anything on this, but wanted you to know there’s a good thing making your life easier.

Lisa Ehrlich

StoryBrand Guide

Ashley was my coach on my first Livestream as a customer and used StorySheet with all the students at once.  Later, when I went through Guide Training, it was not available and I missed it.   There's no comparison.  StorySheet makes it easier to be creative and organize ideas into a powerful BrandScript with significantly less work.

Brian Sooy

StoryBrand Guide

I find this to be a HUGE improvement and I’m glad I invested in it. It’s saving me time and sharpening my Brand script creation

Why Use StorySheet?

I know that you want to be proud of the work you produce.

In order to do that, you have to deliver exceptional quality that generates measurable results for your clients.

Unfortunately, there's too much administrative work to easily capture, organize, and craft a quality BrandScript.  You struggle trying to merge the joy of creativity with a process that supports success. It should not be so difficult to produce a quality BrandScript that your clients love and that you can stand behind.

I get it. I kept beating myself up for missing important details, and finishing a BrandScript took days to weeks.  Once I had a formal process to streamline my work, I could easily satisfy my client's objectives every time, with less effort, and fewer revisions.

Sign up for StorySheet to make your work as a guide more productive, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Or schedule a demo to see how StorySheet can streamline your process and set your creativity free.

Quit struggling to organize your notes into something presentable to your clients.  Iterate with ease using an automated process that applies your changes everywhere they need to go and highlights results you can be proud of.

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