Business Coaching for Growth.

We Deliver a Clear Message, an Aligned Team,

and Automation to Convert Your Prospects Into Sales

If Your Business Coach Can't Make a Reliable Promise to Grow Your Revenue, Then Don't Hire Them!

An Effective Mission

Clear, guiding principles will increase your team's engagement and productivity.

A Clear Message

When your prospects understand what you do for them, they are more likely to engage with your sales process.

A Working Sales Funnel

It takes multiple interactions to sell high-ticket items. With an automated nurture sequence you can walk prospects from "Who are you?" to "Let's do business together!"

Business Growth Should Not Be This Hard!


Businesses that don't know how to grow will work harder, die sooner, and disappoint founders and staff.

Slow Growth

You’re making progress, but not at the level you are committed to. You're learning by trial and error.

Loss of Focus

The skills to deliver your services to customers bring you joy and profit. But the practices for getting new customers can be confusing, unpleasant, and overwhelming.  Let us help!

The Expertise You Need

Digital Marketer Certified Partner

Automate your impact


Growth comes from what happens after somebody visits your website. Effective systems mean you can grow your influence without increasing the demands on your personal time.


When opportunities flow through an automated process, you can focus on what works, and stop wasting your time on labor intensive steps.  It also frees up time for the high-touch work required for closing higher-ticket sales.


By reliably converting visitors into sales, you’ll have the profit to reinvest in what matters to you.  

Why Primary Goals?

Many small businesses started because the founder cared deeply about the problem that their business solves. Businesses that don't know how to grow will work harder, die sooner, and disappoint founders and staff.

If the business dies, part of the founder's identity as a business owner dies with it, creating a paralyzing sense of fear and personal failure.

Primary Goals uses proven diagnostic tools to identify where companies can get the most leverage to grow their business. We look externally to the customers who drive your bottom line, and internally to the staff who commit to why your business exists.

When your business has a clear mission, an aligned team, and a systematic way of generating revenue, then the business grows. This brings pride and joy back to the founders, and customers will rave about the value they get from your business.

When a business builds effective marketing systems, their revenue grows, their teams are aligned, and their process scales.

Getting Started Is Easy!

There’s no prescription without a diagnosis.  This assessment invites you to look at key areas where we can help you grow.

Numbers are only part of the story.  We’ll have a conversation about what they really mean, what you care about, and how to move forward.

Create an Execution Plan

Enthusiasm, good will, and intentions are NOT a plan.  We’ll work to address the key actions that will grow your business revenue.