Mission Statement Clarification


Individual or group facilitation to produce a clearly articulated mission statement, with Key Characteristics, Critical Actions, your Story Pitch, and the Unifying Theme that holds it all together.  

Here’s What We’ll Produce Together:

    1. Your Mission – This defines the purpose for which your business exists.  Hint: It’s not to make money.  Money is the byproduct of fulfilling your mission effectively.  (For non-profits, producing impact is not your mission either – impact is the byproduct of fulfilling your mission.)
    2. Your Key Characteristics – These are the essential attributes of the people in your organization.  These are what it takes to fit in and thrive in your environment.  They also help with recruiting and promotion.
    3. Your Critical Actions – these are the core behaviors that, when performed, advance your mission forward.  It’s not the granular details of each job.  Instead, critical actions are the things that need to be done on a recurring basis to take care of your mission.
    4. Your Story Pitch – The Story Pitch is what gets people interested in seeing a movie.  You need one for your business too.  It answers the question of what problem your business solves.  This is why your prospects and staff should care.  It also aids in recruiting by making it clear what working with you is about.
    5. Your Theme – This is a fundamental truth that your organization is putting into action.  It’s a belief that by doing what you do, your organization takes responsibility for producing a result that matters.

Click here to see a sample of what we’ll produce together.


  • Participants should watch the Missions Made Simple course from Business Made Simple University.
    This is highly encouraged, but not strictly required.
    You’ll get more out of our work together if you have this material in your background.
  • We’ll meet together online (zoom), using a proprietary process that makes collaboration on your 5 statements easier to organize.
  • Typically, this takes two separate 2-hour sessions to complete with a team of up to 5 people.
    For larger teams, we may need more time at an additional fee.

Role Clarity

  • You are the domain experts.  It’s your corporation, product, history, and livelihood.  You get to bring all of that experience and passion with you to the table.
  • My role as a BMS Coach is to facilitate your conversations, to help you with wordsmithing.
    The objective is to produce coherence, clarity, and resonance with your corporate beliefs, values, and products.
  • You can expect me to ask a series of probing questions during our time together.
    This is not just for my own understanding.  It’s also to help ensure that the players on your side are listening to each other and communicating well.
    For background, I’m also a certified mediator, but hopefully, we won’t need to go there!
  • My role as the facilitator is not to make final decisions on the multiple ideas that you all surface – it is to make it easier for your side to make those decisions.




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