StoryBrand Messaging Framework & Website Wireframe


With this service, we’ll produce everything you need to give to a website designer.  You’ll have a clear headline, elevator pitch (one-liner), and the seven core elements of your messaging framework, laid out in a blueprint-like format that your designer can run with.  Full details below.

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It’s easy to find a web designer.  The problem is that very few have ever studied or mastered the power of good copywriting, and they expect you to come up with the words and images that they simply put together for you online.  However, the words on our page are what get people to take action,  and ultimately to make a purchase.

As an expert, you suffer from the curse of knowledge.  You know your material so well, it’s easy to forget what it took for you to develop that expertise.  This makes it challenging to communicate the essence of what you do quickly and easily so that your prospects understand how you can help them.

The StoryBrand Messaging Framework & Website WireFrame takes place over a series of steps together.

  1. After you purchase this product, you’ll be sent a link to schedule a 90-minute, structured interview where I learn what I need about your business to present it effectively to your audience.  You are the domain expert in your product or service, and I am your guide for how to communicate the value you deliver to your audience.
  2. Within 7 days of our initial meeting, I present you with the core messaging elements that we built together from our interview.  These include clarity around
    1. Your customer
    2. Their problem
    3. How to establish you as the guide
    4. Your plan for your prospects
    5. Your calls to action
    6. What failure looks like
    7. What success looks like
  3. Within 7 days from your approval of the messaging elements, I start fleshing out the content in greater detail with the words and layout that you’ll want to use on your website.   These are the structural elements of your website, but lack the images, style, and colors that a designer will bring in.  Essentially, we’re handing a designer a blueprint for how to build your website homepage.  I can work with a designer of your choice, or recommend one to you who is already familiar with the power of the StoryBrand framework to save you time.




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