StoryBrand Coaching Follow Up


This is a 1-hour block of time for marketing consultation and execution, exclusively for StoryBrand LiveStream students.

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The purpose of this meeting is to clarify the next steps after completing a StoryBrand Livestream or group coaching workshop.
This is a follow-up consultation to tie up any loose ends and to plan what steps we might take together going forward.

That could include:

  • Refine (or complete) your messaging, with a greater focus on your One-Liner, Headline, and the layout of your messaging elements on your web pages.
  • Strategize on how you will collect names and emails and use them in an email follow-up sequence.
  • Outline the series of emails you’ll need for those who opt-in to your lead magnet, so that you may nurture them to take the next step to engage with you.
  • Consult on the technology to track your leads effectively, based on where they are in the buying (or donating) process, and steps that you can take to keep moving your prospects forward.  
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