StorySheet- BrandScript and WireFrame Automation (Lifetime)


Boost Your Profit Margin With an Automated BrandScript And Wireframe.  Purchase grants you access to make your own copy of the WHISTLE spreadsheet for your own use with multiple individual clients, as well as future updates to the worksheet with additional export formats.


I know that you want to be proud of the work you produce.

In order to do that, you have to deliver exceptional quality that generates measurable results for your clients.

Unfortunately, there’s too much administrative work to easily capture, organize, and craft a quality BrandScript.  You struggle trying to merge the joy of creativity with a process that supports success. It should not be so difficult to produce a quality BrandScript that your clients love and that you can stand behind.

I get it. I kept beating myself up for missing important details, and finishing a BrandScript took days to weeks.  Once I had a formal process to streamline my work, I could easily satisfy my client’s objectives every time, with less effort, and fewer revisions.

Sign up for StorySheet to make your work as a guide more productive, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Or schedule a demo to see how StorySheet can streamline your process and set your creativity free.

Quit struggling to organize your notes into something presentable to your clients.  Iterate with ease using an automated process that applies your changes everywhere they need to go and highlights results you can be proud of.


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