Graphic Design for a StoryBrand Homepage


This is the third step in creating a StoryBranded homepage.  Other designers start with this step, skipping structural underpinnings that ultimately make-or-break your homepage.  Here. we take the work we’ve done together so far, and create something the public can see that produces measurable results for your product or service


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If you’ve already Clarified Your Message Using the StoryBrand Framework, and created a Wireframe for a StoryBrand Homepage, then we can take the output of those steps and move to the visual representation of the homepage.

This is one of the more subjective steps in the StoryBrand process, and you can anticipate it taking several iterations before we finally settle on what works.  We’re not just going for the look and feel here, but also the mood that gets created, encouraging site visitors to actually take action.  That could be your direct call-to-action (call me, buy now, etc.) or your indirect CTA (signing up for a lead magnet).


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