Whistle – BrandScript and WireFrame Automation (Single Use)


Boost Your Profit Margin With an Automated BrandScript And Wireframe.  Purchase grants you access to make your own copy of the WHISTLE spreadsheet for your own use for yourself or a single client.


At Primary Goals, we know that you want to be confident in your ability to produce a BrandScript and wireframe in near-real-time.

The problem is, time spent on clerical work detracts from creativity and design. You contrast the joy of working with your client to the task of compiling your notes into something coherent.

I understand both the joy and drudgery of our work as guides. My years as a guide and technical wizard led me to create a tool that saves you time and increases your profit margin.

So put WHISTLE in your cart so you can use it with your clients. I’ll share the workbook with you on Google so that you can make your own copy. Then you’ll start saving time and increase your profit margin with each and every client.

Add WHISTLE to your cart now, or schedule a conversation to see how we can help each other as guides and coaches.

Stop losing your thought and ideas on the cutting-room floor and start collaborating with the client’s team in real-time.


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