Fix invisible campaign  problems that are
costing you revenue with InfusionAudit

It’s like an X-ray of your Infusionsoft application

Most businesses using Infusionsoft leave money on the table because their marketing campaigns don't work together as an integrated system. InfusionAudit gives you an X-ray into where your marketing is broken so that you can generate more revenue with your existing resources.

You Are Losing Revenue


You have campaigns that don't record their results.  That makes it difficult to manage up-sells, down-sells, and cross-sells based on reliable results.

Identifying up-sell, down-sell, and cross-sell opportunities will increase your revenue.


Your campaigns don't flow from one into the other, based on success or failure.  That makes it difficult to ascend your prospects and customers through all of your offers.

Maximizing the relevant offers you present to prospects will the value of each customer to your business.


Your Campaigns lack visible, shareable documentation.  That makes coordination and hand-offs more difficult, and puts campaign knowledge into silos within your organization.
Clear documentation means you save time by building on your success rather than figuring it out over and over.


You have products that lack active marketing campaigns.  Old campaigns were time-based or for promotions.  Now, potential products items are invisible to your prospects.

Using existing assets in automated marketing increases your revenue without additional overhead.


You have products that don't fire campaigns when sold.  The need for manual fulfillment is a barrier to automating greater sales. 

Automating the fulfillment of purchases frees up time to increases the value you offer to customers.


You don't have a clear map between purchases and access to protected content.  Greater granularity, documentation,  and control would permit spin-off products that could be used as entry-level offers.


You don't have (or cannot change) a tag-naming convention.  That makes it difficult or confusing to properly segment your contacts based on behaviors.

Schedule a demo below and we'll show you how to make these issues visible so that you can fix them and increase your revenue from using Infusionsoft more effectively.

The Administrator's Challenge

You Inherited a Mess!

You would do it differently if you could start over, but that's not an option.  It's up to you to understand what all of your predecessors did, start turning a profit, and do it quickly.  

That frustration can be eliminated.

You Are Working Blind

There are too many tags, no naming conventions, no documentation, and it's near impossible to see how all of the forms, campaigns, and purchases are linked together.  

It should not be that difficult.

Everything Is Critical

You need a way to make sense of the whole system without breaking anything.   When all you have is an axe, InfusionAudit gives you the scalpel to make precision changes and understand the implications to production environments. 

There Is An Easier Way

Customers are sold the idea of Infusionsoft as a first-class ticket to wherever you want to go.  The reality is that after they get airborne, they are placed in the cockpit of an aircraft that they don’t know how to fly.

I'm a professional Infusionsoft Pilot (ICP) and StoryBrand Copywriter.  I've felt your pain, and I want to make it better for you.  

InfusionAudit is the only Infusionsoft Auditing tool that increases your visibility into how your application really works.  As an Infusionsoft manager or business owner, InfusionAudit provides insight for you, and web-based reports for clients or others on your team.

3-Steps for Success

Import Your Data

Infusionsoft exports your tags, categories, products, and campaign details.  We import that into InfusionAudit (without any contacts), then we analyze your data.

Analyze Campaigns

We add additional meta-details about your application without altering your account at all.  This lets us link pieces together in a way that makes sense, while leaving a documentation trail for others to follow.

Run the Reports

Reports are visible to you on the web, showing you exactly what you need to fix to have your campaigns run more effectively to work together and generate more revenue.  We can show you demo reports during your consultation, below.

6 Ways Your Campaigns are Losing Money

Infusionsoft campaigns are the brains of your marketing efforts. The problem is that these campaigns get so complicated that it’s almost impossible to diagnose and resolve application-wide issues that rob you of greater revenue.

Sign up and I'll give you 6 steps you can take with all of your campaigns to make them run more effectively on their own, and to work better together as part of your marketing system.

The Costs of Not Knowing

  • You can't tell (and control) whether your prospects see your full list of offers unless you know how they move from one campaign to another, over time, and in response to their actions.
  • It's expensive to train staff or hand off responsibilities on a poorly documented system of products, tags, and campaigns.  The built-in "description" fields are not visible when and where you need them.  (You can't even export tag descriptions!)
  • Troubleshooting complex campaign flows and interactions is extremely difficult without a dependency map showing how all campaigns are connected.

How InfusionAudit Increases Revenue

  • By identifying active products that lack published marketing campaigns, you can plug holes and make more offers to prospects.
  • By identifying which products lack automated fulfillment, you can reduce manual labor, and offer more products on auto-pilot with the reduced fulfillment labor.
  • By ensuring all purchases tag customers appropriately, you get better segmenting of your list for more effective marketing.
  • By mapping products to membership tags, you can troubleshoot content-access problems and review whether your access is too broad or too granular.
  • By ensuring that all campaigns properly record both success and failure conditions, you can link campaigns together to form a campaign-gauntlet, exposing prospects the the full suite of offers you have to sell them.
  • With the ability to see and update tags and tag categories in bulk, you can retroactively apply a systematic naming convention that allows your campaign processes to make more sense, which then takes less time to manage.