November 25, 2023 by  Ashley Guberman

This post addresses overcoming the challenges of deploying a scenario to clients. Make lets you export and import scenario blueprints that contain the JSON code to configure your scenario. The problem is that in several cases, Notion, in particular, all of the IDs inside of your scenario are wrong.

If you import the blueprint in a new environment, there is no way to systematically update your scenario to change from your IDs to the new IDs that you need. You cannot manually update the modules inside of Make because, in many cases, the whole module is invalid once you change an ID. At that point, you have to re-configure it all over again. The only solution is to update the JSON files between export and import.

For just one scenario, that’s not hard. However, the process is tedious and error-prone if you have multiple scenarios with multiple modules and IDs.

So, I wrote a script inside Google Sheets that makes the process painless.


  • The URL to the Google Drive directory that holds your original JSON blueprints.
  • The name to give the subfolder of converted documents (Default = CONVERTED).


  • Verify that the ORIGINAL folder in Google Drive is valid and accessible.
  • Verify that the UPDATE folder in Google Drive is valid and accessible.
  • Verify that the two folders differ.
  • Verify that your original and updated text values differ


  • Read every JSON file in the original folder.
  • Swap all occurrences of the Original text for the Updated text.
  • Write the updated file to the UPDATES folder.

At that point, you can import the blueprints from the updated folder and your scenarios are good to go. There are cases like WebHooks where Make will ask you to select or create new ones in the target environment, but those issues are trivial to fix by comparison to the work of this script.

Click here for the Google Sheet.

You will need to grant it access to run in your environment, but the full source code is available for inspection:

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