We Automate the Proceses That Drive Your Reveue

We use a systematic approach to integrating your marketing and production tools so they work together.  This gives you the structure and flexibility to grow again.

Common Barriers to Growth

Competing Demands

Are you spending so much time maintaining the status-quo that you can't focus on activities to grow your business?

Small automations add up to provide massive savings of time and effort that you can then use for higher-leverage work that advances your business.

Crisis Management

Are you stuck putting out one fire after another, trying to keep your customers happy?

We work on solving the root-causes of recurring breakdowns so that you can get back to innovation and developing new services.

Growing Frustration

Are you losing your passion for what got you into your business?

We handle the soul-sucking problems so that you can return to the part of your business that brings you pride and joy.

The Structure & Flexibility to Grow Again

I understand the pain from tools that don't play well together or no longer meet your needs.

As a systems thinker, I specialize in business process automations that give you structure, organization, and time to grow your business again.

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

A Simple Process That Delivers Results



We'll review your goals and and aspirations, along with the challenges and barriers that are getting in your way.



Starting from your current pain-points, we'll identify and prioritize the benefits of solving these problems.  We'll also identify what will be possible once your tools and systems work together effectively for your needs.



As a systems-thinker and integrator, I'll show you a path to reform your process and coordination so that you get where you need to be. We'll work together using an iterative approach focusing on ever increasing value for you.



Everything is driven by your satisfaction. Each stage of our time together delivers changes you can see, use, and evaluate. Our ongoing work together is predicated on valuable results for you.

The Structure & Flexibility to Grow Again


Flexible tools, systems and processes that work the way you need them to in order to deliver results to your customers.


Automated systems make fewer errors, require less rework, and give you more time to focus on what matters to you.


With more control over outcomes in critical areas of the business, you can focus on growing again.

Ineffective Systems are Expensive!

The right systems, tools, and process can eliminate the most costly parts of your work environment, freeing you to do better work.

Missed Deadlines

Legacy systems that no longer fit your current demands are slowing you down, making it harder to deliver quality results on time to your customers.


Continuing to sacrifice what's important at the altar of what's urgent.

Inability to Scale

It's difficult to take on better clients when progress is slow and innovation is lacking.

Why Work With Primary Goals?

At Primary Goals, we know that you want to be an effective leader in a growing business.

In order to do that, you need systems that reduce risk and let you focus on high-value tasks that grow your revenue.

The problem is, you don't have time to focus on growth activities. Maintaining the status quo is a full-time job. You feel trapped by the need to put out fires and keep your current customers happy.

We believe that running your business should be a source of pride rather than a soul-sucking endeavor.

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