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About Primary Goals

Many small businesses started because the founder cared deeply about the problem that their business solves. Businesses that don’t know how to grow will work harder, die sooner, and disappoint founders and staff. If the business dies, part of the founder’s identity as a business owner dies with it, creating a paralyzing sense of fear and personal failure.

Primary Goals uses proven diagnostic tools to identify where companies can get the most leverage to grow their business.

We look externally to the customers who drive your bottom line, and internally to the staff who commit to why your business exists. When a business has a clear mission, an aligned team, and a systematic way of generating revenue, then the business grows. This brings pride and joy back to the founders, and customers start raving about the value they get from the business.

When a business builds effective marketing systems, their revenue grows, their teams are aligned, and their process scales.

Leadership for Influence and Results

Your role as a thought leader depends on your ability to coach and influence others at a high level. I get it.

Marketing for New Customers

You likely wouldn't accept a marriage proposal from somebody you just met. Why would your customers buy from you before you've built a relationship of trust and relevance to the challenges they face?

I can walk through the complexities of digital marketing campaigns. You get to focus on your craft, making a bigger impact on those you want to influence.

Automation that Saves Time

I have the skills to streamline your business process to save you time, energy, and frustration. You get to focus on making money, knowing that your prospects and customers are being taken care of.

From the moment somebody wants to engage with you, to the point where you are making a sale, booking an event, or delivering your service - Infusionsoft makes the next step in your business relationship easy, powerful, and automated.

I'm also experienced with other CRM's like AWebber, Office Autopilot (now Ontraport), MailChimp,  Drip, and Active Campaign.

Psychology to Change Minds