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Machines are already better than humans at several narrow tasks, even if one of those tasks is your job.  But comparing people to machines is the wrong way to look at both. Don’t compare people to machines.Compare people with machines to people without them. The better comparison is between humans with tools and humans without […]

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There are two main challenges to documenting, streamlining, and automating complex business processes.   It’s All In Your Head: As the business owner or operator, you have full knowledge of the entire process.  It’s “obvious” to you because you’ve been doing it long enough that you don’t have to think about it anymore.  By analogy, walking […]

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Imagine you needed a car but got a truckload of parts you had to assemble.  One in 300 people could work with that. Half of them would love it, and the other half would need help, get stuck, or give up. Or imagine that every car started with an engine, frame, and wheels, but it […]

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Amid growing complaints from Tesla owners that allowing non-teslas to charge at superstations created problems, Tesla announced a new premium electricity option, only available for certified Tesla vehicles. Superchargers have already offered higher voltage for faster charging. However, all voltages still oscillate between positive and negative at 60 times per second, known as Hertz (Hz). […]

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This post is an excerpt of a forthcoming book, The Promise of Marketing, As a customer, you want people looking for your product or service to be able to find you easily. In simple terms, when somebody types in your search phrase, you come up as one of the answers on the first page of […]

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