Automated List Management and Configuration


  1. Saves you a couple hours of implementation to do something you know you should be doing anyway.
  2. Provides an easy way to respond to five scenarios that should have you pull a contact out of a campaign
  3. For the end user, this greatly simplifies the process of keeping your list clean
  4. For the Infusionsoft professional, the campaign is documented enough that your users can understand it.

Click here for the full documentation and demo/training video

Upon purchasing the product, you’ll get an email with additional steps for granting me temporary “Infusionsoft Partner” status so that I may push the campaign to your application.

The List Management Campaign will add the required tags and code to your site.

Additional Services Included With Configuration

  1. After installing the campaign, I’ll log into your Infusionsoft application and make the required configuration changes under Marketing -> Settings -> Email Status Automation.
  2. I’ll review your 5 most populated campaigns and add the additional goals to monitor for any of the 5 conditions that should remove a contact from an active campaign.
  3. I’ll run the 8 marketing status reports to populate the campaign retroactively with contacts from your list based on their current status.

If you want to manage configuration on your own, and only want the campaign code, then please purchase the Automate List Management Campaign instead.


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