Infusionsoft Audit


This is a full review of your Infusionsoft setup and configuration.  Typically, we start an Infusionsoft engagement with a thorough assessment of our starting point.  The principle is that have no business making prescriptions until after we’ve taken the time to make a detailed diagnosis.   An Infusionsoft Audit is that diagnosis.

  • Review your basic configuration
    • Do you have your logo set up for receipts?
    • Do you have a failed-payment campaign?
    • Do you have a list-hygiene campaign?
    • Have you configured your domain in DNS to increase deliverability rates?
  • Review your top 5 campaigns (recency or usage)
    • Do they have proper tagging on success (sale or conversion)
    • Do they have proper tagging on failure (completion without conversion)
    • Do you check for disqualifying events at entry (e.g. don’t pitch a product they already own)
    • Do you separate responding to sales from the fulfillment of purchases for greater modularity?
    • Are you using campaign links or hard-coding links in emails?
  • Review all of your tags
    • Is there a logical naming convention in place?
    • Are you cleaning up trigger tags after they are in place?
    • Do you have tags that are not in use?
  • Review your contacts
    • Are you tagging the lead source?
    • Are you using lead scoring well?
    • Are you purging bogus contacts?  (and how)
    • Are you responding to people becoming disengaged (no email opens or clicks in > X months)
    • Are your purging contacts that were disengaged for more than a year (or some period relevant for your business)?
    • Are you segmenting your contacts based on purchase history?
    • Do you tag contacts appropriately to segment them based on behavior?
  • Proposal for next steps, based on a report of findings above.

As a bonus for new clients starting with an audit, we also include the fully configured Infusionsoft List Hygiene campaign ($250 value)


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