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Machines are already better than humans at several narrow tasks, even if one of those tasks is your job.  But comparing people to machines is the wrong way to look at both. Don’t compare people to machines.Compare people with machines to people without them. The better comparison is between humans with tools and humans without […]

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Notion Synchronization and ReplicationThe Achilles heel of Notion at the time of writing is that permissions control is grossly inadequate for securely sharing data with clients or guests. There are four ways of sharing data, but only one is secure and more challenging to establish. The video below gives an overview, and the article goes […]

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People complain that Notion backup and restore options are inadequate.  This comes up about once a week on  What if Notion goes down, given the lack of offline access? What if Notion goes bankrupt? What if Notion suddenly disappears or gets bought out? While no infrastructure is perfect, by a factor of fifty or […]

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The failures and breakdowns experienced by people and organizations repeat like clockwork. There’s too much information – it gets lost, miscategorized, or misrepresented. There’s a lack of structure or organization – too many people do things their own way without a “master key” to unlock the wisdom stored in the chaos. Relationships between one area […]

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As much as I love Notion, there are some features that anybody with database experience will recognize are sorely missing. Chifely, that although templates and filters will let you show related data from inside of a database row, there’s no (easy) way to enforce multiple relationships with your data. So, if you’re making a note […]

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This post addresses overcoming the challenges of deploying a scenario to clients. Make lets you export and import scenario blueprints that contain the JSON code to configure your scenario. The problem is that in several cases, Notion, in particular, all of the IDs inside of your scenario are wrong. If you import the blueprint […]

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