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Machines are already better than humans at several narrow tasks, even if one of those tasks is your job.  But comparing people to machines is the wrong way to look at both. Don’t compare people to machines.Compare people with machines to people without them. The better comparison is between humans with tools and humans without […]

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This post addresses overcoming the challenges of deploying a scenario to clients. Make lets you export and import scenario blueprints that contain the JSON code to configure your scenario. The problem is that in several cases, Notion, in particular, all of the IDs inside of your scenario are wrong. If you import the blueprint […]

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Notion recently gave us the ability to call native automation from inside databases. However, the range of what we can do is extremely limited. What we need is the ability to perform more complex operations that make use of other properties and tables. What we need is a way to call external scripts that are […]

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I’ve seen multiple questions about how to fire webhooks from Notion. Despite the recently added automation in the Notion platform, this feature has (so far) been overlooked. It’s a shame because this small tweak would open a world of possibilities for what Notion can do for customers. Why Care About Notion WebHooks ? Recently, Notion […]

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Notion is many things to many people, chiefly a task and knowledge management platform.  It’s like Lego for data and project management. But let’s say that you’ve just built your own “Millennium Falcon” in Notion, and now it’s working perfectly for you.  It has many moving parts, supports critical processes, serves multiple stakeholders, and has […]

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There are two main challenges to documenting, streamlining, and automating complex business processes.   It’s All In Your Head: As the business owner or operator, you have full knowledge of the entire process.  It’s “obvious” to you because you’ve been doing it long enough that you don’t have to think about it anymore.  By analogy, walking […]

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