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In a Facebook group for Tesla fans, somebody posted an image of a pickup truck with a sign that said: “I identify as a Tesla” on the back. A firestorm of polar opinions rapidly followed. Half of the people found it deeply offensive and a sign of disrespect and intolerance. They proceeded to shred the […]

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TL; DNR – Superhuman is a fantastic email client but has a moderate learning curve before one maximizes its value. It trains you in some best practices even if you cancel your subscription.  It’s worth trying for a month or two, even if you don’t keep it.  If email runs your life or business, the […]

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Many people call themselves entrepreneurs or solopreneurs, when in fact, they have a hobby or side-hustle that makes them a bit of money. Some genuinely have a great product or service, but they get stuck trying to create the traction they need to confidently leave their day-job to do what they love or to grow […]

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Accountability Groups are a fantastic idea, but they usually break down for predictable reasons.  Think about the last one you were in as you read the following, then make your next one better. The structure is simple enough.   You meet periodicallyYou each declare what you want to accomplish before the next meeting.Somebody writes it down.You […]

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There are several projects I’m working on that I can’t seem to finish.  Or if I finish, I don’t post them to my websites.  If I post them, I don’t promote them on social media.  Fundamentally, I know I can produce so much more and of much better quality.  And yet, I don’t do it, […]

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