Theory of Practice, Creating Value
Whether we are aware of it or not, we are “creating” all of the time, with every thought, breath, and action that we take.  The questions are whether we are aware of what we create, whether it is of value, and to whom.

As part of my theory of practice, I work with clients to look at what is being created both deliberately and as a byproduct of unexamined patterns and practices.  This includes products and services in organizations, as well as beliefs,  relationships, patterns, habits, and ways of being for individuals.

Ideally, whenever we create something, we also learn something in the process, and then teach others what we have learned.  If what we created is of value, then that often leads to celebration (play) of some sort, as well as a recognition that most things created today are done so in collaboration with others through a variety of personal and professional relationships.

As a coach and facilitator, I also look at the degree to which what is being created is in alignment with the purpose (mission) of an organization and the passions of an individual.