August 9, 2019 by  Ashley Guberman

Seth Godin has a podcast episode on Akimbo about getting picked for a team (You’re It).  Very few of us were consistently picked first, and many of us recall at least once when we were picked last.  It was horrible, and we made it worse by believing that it actually meant something about us – about who we were (or are now) as a person.

The problem is that as adults, we still live with this mindset that somebody else has to pick us; that somebody else is responsible for saying what is good and what is not.

We live in a context in which other people have the authority to assign value or worth to what we do, to what we know, or to what we create. That is simply not true.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s true or not so long as we believe it.

So that project you want to work on? 

  • What do you really need to get started, or to finish it? 
  • Whose approval do you really need? 
  • What resources do you think you need, that you could actually get started without?

The invitation here is to take a serious look at whatever barriers you believe stand between you and your project, your vision, your dream, and start moving forward from where you are.

It’s not long before that kid who is always picked last decides it’s not even worth raising their hand, and bit by bit, they begin to disappear.

Except that we are not children anymore, and that game that we want to be picked for is actually our dream. It is our vision. It is our purpose. It is the work that we are on this planet to perform.

Don’t make this a philosophical conversation.  What actions are you are actually taking today to move forward with what you really care about?

Are the investments that you are making in yourself in alignment with picking yourself to win?

Are the actions you are taking to grow your business in alignment with believing that you will succeed?  Or are they representative of a fear of being picked last, perhaps by your prospects?

You are the captain of your own team.
Pick yourself first.

Most professionals don’t know how to talk about their services in a way that has their prospects pick them to work together.

As a certified StoryBrand Guide, I help businesses use the power of stories to convert prospects into customers.

Click here to schedule a conversation about advancing your business with the power of stories.

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