May 8, 2020 by  Ashley Guberman

Where are you on your marketing journey?

Where are you on your marketing journey?

Marketing as a Some-Timer

At this level, you have more of a hobby than a business. Or maybe you’re just starting out. You are full of hope and dreams, but lack a positive action plan for growth. We all started here at some point, so welcome to the journey.

I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you, but you may be better served by checking out Business Made Simple University – It’s run by StoryBrand and has some truly outstanding content and a highly affordable price.

Marketing as a Part-Timer

At this level, you have occasional leads, mostly by luck or circumstances. Maybe you have some word of mouth marketing. You’re working your leads, and converting some of them, but the business which is your passion is still something you do on the side. It’s not yet profitable enough to fully sustain you.

Let’s have a conversation about how to clarify your message so that you can be the guide who helps your customers get what they want. Let’s talk, and we can grow your business together.

Marketing as an Over-Timer

At this level, you are working your tail off. You are hustling for every sale, and details are falling through the cracks. You’re having a hard time following up with prospects, and you are so eager for the next deal that sometimes your current clients may suffer.

You need systems and processes to streamline your business, not just for continued growth and scale, but to help maintain your sanity. Let’s have a conversation about business process automation. Let’s talk, and we can make your business more manageable together.

Marketing as a Good Timer

You have clients on demand. When you need more, you turn on your advertising faucet to get them. You can set the dials where you want for the perfect flow of leads, and you are consistently delivering value to your clients. Congratulations. Let’s have a conversation about your product offerings and how you can move more of your business into auto-pilot.

Marketing as a My-Timer

If you’re a My Timer, you have the luxury of picking and choosing which clients you want to work with. You can safely turn away all but those with whom you can do your very best work to create raving fans. Here, you are no longer focused on growing your business, but rather, are looking for how to grow your influence and legacy in the world.

I’d love to help you, but in all honesty, you would be better served by checking out MellAbraham.Com, and exploring something like his Thoughtpreneure Academy. I’m not affiliated with him in any way, but I have been one of his students. I recommend him in the hopes of being of service to you, wherever you are on your journey.

When you are ready to have a conversation about elevating your level of business, I invite you to schedule a complimentary conversation.

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