Operationalizing Human Due Diligence

Human Due Diligence has three primary components: Collection, Planning, and Action

Collection / Exploration Issues

  • How much resilience do people have available to help them absorb change, and how much do we develop this trait if it is too low?
  • How knowledgeable are people about the human dynamics that unfold during change (e.g., why people resist and how they become committed), and how can we encourage more learning about the people side of change?
  • How likely is it that important initiatives will be poorly implemented because of insufficient diagnosis, planning, and execution skills, and how o we enhance these skills if they are insufficient?

Execution / Tactical Implementation issues

  • How close to the future-shock overload are people before the change is engaged?
  • How much additional change-load demand will it generate for them, and how can the demands from other changes be reduced or people’s adaptation capacity be increased?
  • How strong is management’s commitment to this change, and how can it be heightened if it is insufficient?
  • How strong is the employee resistance to this change, and how can it be reduced, or, at least, managed?
  • How much does the current culture support this change, and how can this support be strengthened if it is too low?
  • How prepared are the change agents to provide diagnostic, planning, coaching, and advisory support to management, and how can these capabilities be broadened if currently insufficient?

Source: Leading at the Edge of Chaos, Daryl Connor, page 106-107


Primary Goals sits at the intersection of three core ideas about communication:
  • Leaders create vision by communicating a compelling future to their teams.
  • Teams create success based on how effectively the communicate and coordinate with each other.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures are successful only when they communicate value to people with a concern that the business can take care of
In all cases, it’s about Conversations for Committed Results.  That’s our Primary Goal.  



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