Learning Style Inventory (Kolb)

The Learning Circle (Start anywhere, use everything)

Concrete Experience

  • Learning from specific experiences
  • Relating to people
  • Being sensitive to feelings & people

Reflective Observation

  • Carefully observing before making judgments
  • Viewing issues from different perspectives
  • Looking for the meaning of things

Abstract Conceptualization

  • Logically analyzing ideas
  • Planning systematically
  • Acting on an intellectual understanding of a situation

Active Experimentation

  • Showing ability to get things done
  • Taking risks
  • Influencing people and events thru action

Learning Style Types (diagonals)


  • Best at viewing concrete situations from many different points of view
  • Observe rather than take action
  • Prefer working in groups to gather information, listening with an open mind and receiving personal feedback


  • Best at understanding a wide range of information and putting it into concise, logical form
  • Less focused on people and more interested in abstract ideas & concepts
  • More important that a theory have logical soundness than practical value
  • Prefer lectures, readings, exploring analytical models & having time to think things through


  • Best at finding practical uses for ideas and theories
  • Ability to solve problems & make decisions based on finding solutions to questions with social & interpersonal issues
  • Prefer to experiment with new ideas, simulations, laboratory assignments& practical applications


  • Have the ability to learn primarily from hands on experience
  • Enjoy carrying out plans and involving self in new & challenging experiences
  • Act on gut feelings rather than logical analysis
  • Rely more heavily on people for information than on own technical analysis
  • Prefer to work with others to get assignments done, to set goals, to do field work and to test out different approaches to completing a project


Primary Goals sits at the intersection of three core ideas about communication:
  • Leaders create vision by communicating a compelling future to their teams.
  • Teams create success based on how effectively the communicate and coordinate with each other.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures are successful only when they communicate value to people with a concern that the business can take care of
In all cases, it’s about Conversations for Committed Results.  That’s our Primary Goal.  



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